Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yellow plants and peeping frogs


A Sugar Hollow hike last weekend yielded a surprise: colts’ foot along side of the trail! It’s not native to the Americas, which makes me wonder how this particular little patch got there.

Additionally, a possible morel relation has been spotted.

And, of course, turtles!

The woods around the dam were filled with chirping of tree frogs, waves of sound which Elrin originally mistook for the singing of birds. The frogs were spring peepers, which can occasionally be spotted in Indiana, as well. I’m glad to find them here.

This webpage’s got a pretty nice overview of different frog species found in Virginia.

In the spirit of all things coming out of hibernation, one of the huge (blooming) maple trees…

Had a number of bugs, emerging from underneath its bark. The bugs were kind of cute, but I’m not sure what they might be.


There’s been a few events which I’ve missed catching on camera, among them the invasion of the squirrel upon the bird feeder (to be chased off by OtherKitty), the mating of two red-breasted woodpeckers, and the war of the said woodpeckers and a small flock of starlings. Apparently, starlings felt like invading into some nest-holes, and the woodpeckers didn’t feel like sharing.

A brown thrasher sighting has been recorded (I’m pretty sure it’s not a thrush).

Likewise, a mystery cat, or, as he shall hereafter be called, Mr. Fuzzy Bum.


We’ve added a second planter, one of those huge whiskey-half-barrels. In it, we’ve planted tomatoes, chives, a mixture of greens, and several scarlet runner-beans. Not sure how many of these are actually going to sprout (as we’re not past our last frost date just yet), but if worst comes to worst, I’ve got some left-over seed.