Thursday, March 25, 2010

A post in which the entire concept of topic differentiation went down the drain.

A combination of art/book post, once again.


By Jonathan Kellerman
Read by John Rubinstein


“A self-centered male character goes off to be self-centered”
“Sherlock Holmes and the case of Premature Conclusions”

Summary: A psychologist and a police man take on a case of.. something or another. I couldn’t bear to finish the first disk.

Rating: Do not pick this book up. Ever. Even if this is the last book on earth, and you’re out of toilet paper.

Rating of the reader: It’s likely that Rubinstein does have some good works behind his belt, but have elected to forget the meaning of punctuation in order to get the reading of this thing over with. I’ll be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Summary: Seems that I’ve been cursed by two crappy books in a row. First “Plague of Doves” (good book, bad narration), and now this. To summarize my feelings about it, the shrink and the cop visit a scene connected to disappearance of a woman, and immediately blame the obviously mentally challenged janitor. Yup. The janitor. I mean, some people do come across as slow, but to jump from ‘janitor’ to ‘rapist, murderer, etc, etc’ is just silly.

Currently plowing through “Bell curve” and “The March”


Did this little piece (8x8 inches, gouache and ink on Bristol board) as a continuation of the Daon theme. Ruytimat, the Rightmost—the color scheme is consistent with a little private contest that one of the folks over at is having.

"Its sleep lasted years, the weariness- gray
Rolled over most barren of lands
Till two golden shapes glided in from the north
And flitted, as fluff, through terrain.

Watched they and wondered at land without soul
Resting as corpse in the dust
"Nothing is here." Growled the Left
"There will be." Then promised the Right."

In the long run, I’m thinking of building up the thematic drawings to 25 or so, and doing an exhibit. How does the title “Seeds of fantasy” sound?


The promised daffodil.

And a bonus cherry blossom ala Elrin, taken by the library. Took us something like 10 minutes of standing around and refocusing the camera to get that one.


Once upon a time, there was a blue jay that hasn’t been clued in on the function of the bird feeder…

One cowbird…

…Brought friends. (The abundance of seed on the ground is due to mourning doves being picky eaters. One sat there and tossed seed out of the feeder. By beak full. I think he/she just liked making a mess.)