Thursday, March 11, 2010

The blah-ness of too much art.

Due to the amount of outing time (it's been a rather nice week, weather-wise) and progress on "Tales of Daon", aka "Growth #3", I've fallen behind on the readings. Thus, to compensate for an overlong post about all things natural, here's a super-short one.

The Stranger Beside Me

By Ann Rule

"The nice young men I thought I knew"
"This is the trial that never ends,
It goes on and on, my friends.."

Summary: A true account by a woman who knew Ted Bundy before he was accused with a rather large number of murders. This book covers Ann's personal interactions and correspondences, as well as the details of Ted's trial(s) and appeal(s).

Rating: Read if really, really bored. Or interested in serial killers.

Don't take me wrong, this is an interesting book about a sociopath. It is also a documentary-style book, which means an enormous listing of everyones' names, and an excruciatingly long tale of the guy's trial. Since Errant's always had difficulty remembering names and is used to the fictional style of -resolution- (or, at least, science writing's style of -explanation-), this book was mildly difficult for her to read.

It did make me want to read more about the natural chameleons of human world, but not so much about Ted Bundy. (Though "The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy" by Elizabeth Kendall is tempting.)

Currently reading:

"World without end"
- on disk 9. So far, so good!

"Scratch Beginnings" - Wow. Just... wow. Glowing review, coming up. A must-read companion to "Nickel and Dimed".