Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tales of Daon, Fini.

We went to Johnson city this past weekend, again. Despite the somewhat rainy weather and sightings of dead deer with a complimentary ring of ravens, the trip was enjoyable. There was much browsing of all-and-any-stores-that-had-plants-in-them, along with Michael’s and one of those “all natural” food stores.

The stuff in that type of grocery stores tends to be exceptionally overpriced, but, hey, where else are you going to get dried mango and cranberries?


Picked up another skein of silky-blue stuff, and am continuing on a small scarf with a somewhat simplistic pattern.

Here goes another uneventful post.


Finished “Tales of Daon”. 8x11 inches, gouache paint on board. It turned out to be a bit dark, since the background wasn't white.. Also, ran across some thicker paper at Michael’s and will be illustrating one of the poems on that same subject. Hooray for speculative fiction.