Thursday, March 18, 2010

20th post. Of doom!

Woohoo! Post #20. Who would’of thought I’d have lasted this far.

Anniversaries aside, Errant is still plowing through World Without End and Scratch Beginnings, disk 31 in the former, and something like half-way in the latter. Both are still quite awesome, if graphic in parts.

To blame for the tardiness is the uncommon amount of artful productivity: reading yourself is a lot faster than listening to an audio-book (a 300 page book takes about 1-3 days, depending on the subject matter) , and one can’t read and paint at the same time.

To make up for the insufficient progress, here’s a sampler panel for an upcoming 8x11,

…and a sneak peek of the not-even-half-way-done 8x11 in question.

.. And some links of interest!

Seagulls prey on whales. It surprises me that it took birds this long to come up with this, considering that whales are basically large, slow-moving tins of meat. And seagulls’ve got –wings-.

A site of a guy with an interesting knife collection. Who also happens to carve wood. The guy’s grasp of English is interesting, but the pictures are worth it.

A site of a woman who breeds crested geckos, and does some art that also happens to be gecko-related. Some very neat lizard pictures and commentary!

A site of a small business that imports/breeds reptiles and some cats. Their uromastyx collection is especially worth looking through, if you like living jewels. Ornate uromastyx in particular… Swoon-worthy. Definitely swoon-worthy.