Sunday, March 28, 2010

There is no art, for art is a lie.

There are, however..


I’m fond of web comics. From CRFH (College roomies from hell) to I love Wendy (a naughty, naughty thing), I’ve traversed the intricacies of the web, seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are some that I’m following up at the present moment.

Alaskan Robotics: A whimsical bit from the point of view of some Alaskan small-business owners. Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, for some reason.

Do not let the stick figurines deceive you into believing that this person doesn’t have a (twisted) sense of humor.

Erfworld: A fantasy board-game oriented webcomic. It’s one of the more original/well done ones that I’ve ever read. You –emphasize- with the characters.

Looking for group: A relatively cheesy World of Warcraft-themed thing. The quality on this one’s gone down overtime, with less memorable (and loveable) character expressions, and more group shots for no apparent reason. Bleh.

The title says it all. It’s about working in retail.

Order of the Stick:
You wouldn’t get it if you’ve never played tabletop D&D. And that’s a promise.

Roster- Timmy

Berry, berry, gecko-berry,
Sweet sweet berry, mul-berry!

Do you find yourself making up silly little rhymes about your animals? If not, you’re overdue for a gecko.

Timmy is a Vietnamese golden gecko, who’s been with us for about 6 years. The tale of his coming to us is as follows.

Before going to college, Elrin took a few years off and worked at one of those small-scale pet stores. The store in question’s imparted him with a definitive hatred for cleaning up crap, and irresponsible people. Timmy’s ex-owners fall under the latter category.

Timmy was brought into El’s store by the neighbors of the owners, because they (the owners) apparently wanted to flush him down a toilet. This is because they’ve gotten Timmy about 8 months ago, 6 of which he spent being lost (!!!) in their garage, and now they were bored of him.
How he survived in an unheated Virginian garage in the middle of the winter is anyone’s guess.

When he originally came in, Timmy was missing his tail, one toe, and was skinny as all heck. He ravenously ate up the crickets that Elrin tossed him, and wanted more. As El’s store was filled up on reptiles, he went ahead and phoned me, asking if I wanted to take him in. I did, and Elrin took the gecko into his home.

Ironically, Timmy (named under an imaginary and invisible little boy that stalked me in the elevator of the dorms in the university, but that’s another story) turned out to be the nicest golden gecko ever, allowing El to hold him, pet him, and just about tie him in a noose.

Timmy was smuggled from Virginia to Illinois on a plane, in Elrin’s shirt. In Illinois, we moved him into a 10-gallon tank, and found out that he was an absolute little pig for waxworms and mulberries (actually, any kind of berries. Hence his nickname, “Timmy-berry”). Even later on, he moved back with us to Virginia, and continues to inhabit the same 10 gallon tank.

We let him out every other evening, or so, and he climbs all over us. He still doesn’t bite. I like to think that he realizes how good he’s got it here, comparatively.

Golden gecko lifespan is said to be 10 to 15 years, but we’re not sure how old he was to begin with. Here’s to hoping that Timmy will stay with us for a long time yet.