Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just life.

Last night, while driving towards the Visual Arts Center for the regular ceramics class, an odd thought struck me: I was actively looking forward to the next day. Going to the dog park and seeing dogs/people I like. Painting all day and finishing that bloody Shogun audiobook (40+ disks. The library really needs an alternative check-out period for those behemoths). Seeing the Hillians during the Libby Hill plein air session.

It's been over a year since 'tomorrow' was a thing to look forward to- due to a variety of personal problems. So.. life's improving. And I am happy to be alive.
Finished Squirrels. And other stuff.


Friday, March 11, 2016

What's new in life?

SQUIRRELS!!! in progress-->

Still painting, though am not being as productive as I should. Going to do South of the James farmers' market this summer. Participated in Artful Healing fundraiser with Bon Air Artist Association, sold 4 pieces. Still selling through local galleries. Zeroing in on my own little Russian folk art spin-off style. (Black background, terracotta underpainting, stylized animals and plants.)

Bluebird of happiness. 9x9 inches, acrylic on board. (Framed)

Prayer for the Home. 19x24 inches, acrylic on board.
Been a while since I painted Timmy.

Relaxation #16 (with tulips), 16x20 inches, acrylic on board.
Fall bounty. 16x48 inches, acrylic on board.

 Relaxation #16 study, 5x7 inches, acrylic on board.

A bunch of 4x4 inch acrylic on boards.

A pair of 6x6 inch acrylic on boards.
 6x6 inches.
 5x7 inches
 6x6 inches
 5x5 inches
9x10 inches.
 5x7 inches.
4x4 inches.

Got a dog from the shelter.
Her name is Jellybean, and she's the most awesome thing since sliced bread. Breed? As Elrin said, she's a certified North American Attention Whore.

Life's getting better, a bit at a time.