Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scarves, and painting, and dancing.

It’s almost 10 o’clock on a Saturday evening, I’m dead on my feet, and this is going to be short and sweet.


Finished the scarf, as seen in the adjacent picture. The pattern did not exactly turn out evenly, but life goes on and I’m going to wear it anyway! Also started another scarf, not quite as wide and with an actual manual pattern, out of silky yarn.

Elrin’s project

This morning, we had a long debate on where a TV should go, should we get a TV. The debate (which continued over lunch prep, lunch, and bath) somehow ended up with us in the back yard, looking over the slope.

The slope with its satellite dishes and sparse grass is, frankly, an eye-sore. There isn’t much we can do about it due to a stipulation in the lease. Elrin would absolutely love to extend the back patio, though, and I’d absolutely love to terrace the slope, and stick in an obnoxious amount of plants. Since neither is happening, we promptly turned our attention to the front yard (can you call a 2x6 feet of gravelly space and parking spots a ‘yard’?).

The front yard is going to be the scene of the first ever Errand-and-Elrin container garden, and, since it was an absolutely gorgeous day out (sunny, in the 50s), we went ahead and measured everything. And went to Lowe’s. Because, you know, one just opened across town, and they had such nice planters.

After looking at their wooden planter boxes and realizing that 70$ is a bit steep, we’ve decided to go ahead and make our own. Apparently, sitting for an hour on the floor of Lowe’s next to the craft woods and spiritedly debating construction of a planter box (a debate complete with visual aides, which didn’t always stay upright for long) makes you invisible to any of Lowe’s personnel. Never knew that.

Planter which will hold together for a year- 70$
Materials for a planter which may, or may not, do the above- 38$
Sneaking off to stare at potted plants for sale- Priceless


Started on another stylized painting. Gouache on board, roughly 8x10 inches. It’s taking forever, but with World Without End on tape (recently checked out from the library), there’s at least scenes of violence and carnage to go with it!


Yup. Mina brought up a certain contra dancing event that happens twice monthly, and we went. They had a waltzing workshop beforehand, too. Danced for 2 and a half hours. Had an awesome time, and screwed up too many times to count. Definitely going back there again.

There was maybe 70-80 people there when we left, and we merely stayed there for half of it.

This is the place that organizes the stuff.