Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bird update.

So there I was, late Tuesday afternoon, minding my own business (read: dusting), when a bird was spotted in the distance!

Of course, I snatched the camera and started taking snapshots. Mind you, the panorama below consists of cut-outs from pictures that were taken with x16 zoom; it wasn't that my hand was shaky.

It looked like a cross between a seagull and a woodpecker; the fact that it was actively foraging on the ground was befuddling.

The kicker? Just as I've managed to identify it as a Northern Flicker (one of the few migrating woodpeckers/the only one which primarily forages on the ground) and share the joy with Elrin via the grand thing that is AIM, the bird reappeared in a much more photogenically feasible location.

Is getting a major ego boost from bird identification a necessarily bad thing?