Thursday, May 20, 2010

Narrator in an episode of Life: “The pack of hyenas splits, and one of them spots something…”
Elrin (without missing a beat): “A cameraman?”


The Forest Lover
By Susan Vreeland
Read by Karen White


“Artists Make Strong Talk Badly”
“A Story of a Life in Full Color”

Summary: A tnovel based on the life and inspirations of Emily Carr, who was a Canadian impressionist in the first part of the 20th century. Some of the events have been rearranged to make for a more interesting read.

Rating: Listen only if you have the tolerance for an overly gushy voice of the reader. A read-if-bored, if you’re reading a hard copy.

It’s an allright book, and I’m particularly thankful to it for introducing me to works by this artist. It’s interesting: I was never that keen on the simplified forms and bolder colors of this style before I began painting in a very limited palette. And now, all of a sudden, I’ve gotten a real appreciation for her style. Odd!

Here’s a link to a website that has images of her works.

Currently reading

Summer of Night
By Dan Simmons

More accurately, “trying to read”. There’s been a (pardon the language) crapton things to do. Namely: volunteering at the library, (soon, also volunteering at the local museum) Wednesday morning painter group, throwing on the wheel, plant trade, plants needing repotting, curtains, art trades, a Moonweaver painting that I need to finish before even looking at the art trades… there isn’t enough hours in the day.

A painted coil-and-slab pot.

The unfinished Moonweaver.