Thursday, May 27, 2010

A post for there wasn't enough time.

Finished reading: Dan Simmons's Summer of Night. Not scary at all. Read if you liked Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked this Way Comes.

Finished listening to: Poe's Children, a gathering of short stories read by multiple people and edited by Peter Straub. Not a single one of those stories was even moderately creepy. (A lot dealt with insects, one way or another, a topic which isn't creepy, no matter how you put it). "Louise's Ghost" was unique and hilarious, however. I'd listen to this collection again just to hear this story.

Now, as for the lack of time.. My folks and baby sister came down a day early, and I've been out and about, entertaining them (a task complete with a mild heat stroke yesterday). What with unglazed pottery, unfinished art trades, and heading out to the farm soon, it's been crazy-insane-ow, just bit my lip to blood.

... I'm going to go finish eating a slapped-together breakfast (dumplings, mango, and acai tea- best combination ever), now, and stop hurting myself.