Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pictures galore!

Planter box.

The planters are doing relatively well. We get near-daily greens out of them, which is a plus, and the tomatoes are beginning to look less sun-burnt and more promising.
The stuff in the rectangular box include stevia (almost blooming), left-over bulbs, seedling air potatoes, dianthus, and basil.


Elrin and I did about 5 miles along Virginia Creeper trail, with plenty of things to see along the way.
Such as this spring larkspur!

Not Solomon's seal, but Solomon's plume or zigzag.

Some pretty big cliffs encountered en-route. Notice moi in the lower right-hand corner for comparison.

Nature sure likes to outdo herself.


View from Mina's farm. (Which we hiked on last week.)

Squawroot, a parasitic plant, as seen in the forest of the above-mentioned location.