Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gesso issue and other things.

7.5x9.5 inches; motif with magnolia, honeysuckle, and gumballs.
In somewhat related news, it looks like myself and a number of paintings (this one included) will be participating in the Holiday Boutique at the Collegiate School on December 6th.

I tend to use Jerry's Art-a-rama for my board and paint needs. The most recent order had a quart thing of gesso with a broken lid. Contacted them, and they sent out a replacement. Am pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, we haven't had heat for 2 days. The studio never got under 63 degrees, despite it being in the low 20s during the nights. Am also rather pleasantly surprised about that. Thee central heating is fixed now, which is a relief.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, here's a first ever rectangular braided rug. Will be making more.

I've found that the way my mind works changed quite a bit in the past few years. It is no longer this wild, roaming mountain stream, but kind of like a full river- placid, except for occasional floods and turbulent excitement about various topics. Not sure if it's a sign of growing up or dedicating yourself to a discipline; regardless, it's interesting to observe.