Monday, November 24, 2014

Cat'n'More flowers.

Last Saturday, volunteered at a local craft show (at the Science museum of Richmond), then went out to listen to Diana Nyad speak at the Altria Theater. Sunday was spent a the in-laws, where we were given much food and where El did computer fixings. Then we went to Strange's florist and I got Christmas cacti! (Originally wanted just one, but El liked the pure white-flowered ones they had, so we got a little one of those, too.). It was a good weekend.

Also, here's an 8x10 cat named Houdini from today. Commissions are funny. A week goes by without a single one, then suddenly everyone and their brother wants a painting, and they want it yesterday.

A little magnolia 4x4 from last week that I forgot to post for whatever reason.

Edit: also, an 8x10 dog from today.