Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reason for lack of updates.

Elrin and I've been off to Nags Head, fishing. Caught 12 clearnose skates (all in one day and off of Jennette's Pier), kept 4 of them. Skate make excellent eating. Also caught about 20 pounds of seaweed shore-fishing. The said seaweed contained this tiny crab (actually, 3 of them. Plus some tiny shrimp and a hermit crab.)
There were lots of gulls. They may or may not have been encouraged by bread.

And 4 mornings out of 6, I went out seashell hunting at dawn. May have been a wee bit obsessive about it, but, what can you do.
Now, off to paint some last-second large pieces for a show 'm chronically short for.
Like the seashell says: