Friday, April 5, 2013


You are totally a freelancing artist.
You wake up, fix breakfast for yourself, lunch for hubby, and go out for coffee with a friend. Then you come home. Draw for an hour. Realize that you need to get hubby's meds refilled and a package dropped off. Go do that, which takes an hour. Come home and realize that laundry needs to be done. Draw for another couple of hours, all the while waiting to switch out/fold the laundry. Then go off to drop off a couple of paintings in a nearby gallery and pick up dry-cleaning. Then it's time to fix dinner.

Oh yeah. You are totally a freelancing artist and totally kick ass in the creative productivity department.

Above was written with a healthy measure of sarcasm.

Also, here's the sketches for the upcoming wolf.

Which will be painted on approximately $3/hr basis.

... You are a totally awesome freelancer artist and kick ass, don't forget.