Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mama is wicked

"Mama Makes up her Mind"
By Bailey White
AKA- "The yarns of the anecdote queen."
Rating: 9/10
I knew a guy that told stories, once upon a time. He was a part of a larger group that beat each other up with padded weapons for the fun of it. He was known for occasionally being seen without his kilt during late evenings at various conventions for this group. Yet, damn it, when he sat down and began telling a story, a rapt circle of people would instantly form around him. It was difficult to tell where that audience actually came from- guess they were groupies. Bailey White writes along the same caliber, with wonderfully short anecdotal chapters and many references to alligators. Some of her stories are humorous, some are sad, and some just make you knit your eyebrows and say "Huh!". Wonderful recreational reading all around.