Friday, January 6, 2012

A book quickie

Not as horrid as it sounds.

Been sick for the past two weeks or so, with what I suspect are two different strains of flu. However, thanks to coming back from the parents' (both of whom are avid readers, and from one of whom I've possibly caught the flu), a brand new stack of books had migrated to the local night-table. Here is one-

"In Defense of Food"
By Michael Pollan
AKA- "In attack of mankind."
Rating: 9/10
Got some bias here, since I was moderately fond of the author's "Botany of Desire". To summarize, Defense attacks the modern trends of counting nutrients, packaged foods, and lack of leafy vegetables in our diets. Pollan even provides helpful guidelines in the end, which are more useful to an old-fashioned one-person-working, one-person-at-home couple, than to most of the population. The writing itself is sensationalistic in the "Fast-food Nation" sort of way, as El kindly informed me after half a dozen read-aloud quotes. Still, this book is a worthwhile expenditure of your time, if only to make you think twice of what you eat, and how.