Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Short post due to inordinate amounts of pain.

Errant's gotten her wisdom tooth (a lone, lone creature) taken out yesterday.

The entire epic sage took just over 4 hours, what with running around to get blood tests, sitting in waiting rooms, and so forth. The actual cutting part took about 15 minutes. The doctor had some 30 years of experience and really knew what he was doing.

The tooth had to be physically cut out, and, of course, done with only a local anesthetic. It was actually quite interesting to experience!

It also goes without saying that Err's too sore, woozy, and stuffed with pain-killers to write much of anything at the present time. Except for one thing.

These are the new African violets.

The little white-and-purple one is Rob's Loose Noodle, my first-ever official named variety. :D