Thursday, April 22, 2010

Atlas continues.

On the book end, I'm still listening to "Atlas Shrugged", disk 37 out of 40-some. This book is filled with moral lectures on capitalism vs. socialism, and contains only one strong female character worth noting (all the others, having either been eeeevil, or committed suicide). Still, it's a captivating little read. The narrator actually gets better as the book goes on, able to mimic individual accents and nagging tones of certain personages. The author herself had a pretty interesting life, as well.

In a sense, "Atlas" is a pre-apocalyptic novel, along the same line (and with much more effort) as World War Z, except that instead of the failure of human bodies, it deals with the failure of human spirit. While I still don't agree with some of the ideas in it, this is the one book that is going to be squarely in the "must-read" category.

As far as other things in life go, I've started taking ceramics classes at the local museum. Also started is another painting of the "winged serpent" variety, likely to be 6 panels or more. The wedding invitations are -almost- ready to go out, we've found a musician, and are going to take care of the cake and flowers this weekend. Once again, I find it difficult to believe how busy non-college life can be.

Oh. Also, some lasagna was made this week. El loved it. I think I shall be using it as a bribe in the future. ;D