Monday, August 31, 2009

One weekend later!

Grandparents rented and SUV and drove it out here, bringing the rest of my stuff from Indiana. T'was a hell of a drive, and they got in at midnight, with Elrin needing to get up for work on Monday morning. ... Bright side, I now have a carload of stuff to find homes for.
Also bright side, the base for the table-lamp, along with the clamp and a magnetic tool-strip arrived with the load. And a much-needed bookcase.

Something I don't get is why relatives feel obligated to comment on ones' reproductive choices. We can't -afford- kids right now, what with school loans, car payments, and me not having a job. And there's no relatives nearby to split labor with. :\

Though, truth be told, I kinda want a kid. Someday. Preferably a boy, as we've been getting girls for the past two generations. It's a semi-suicide wish, though, because 've got a 14 month old half-sister right now, and have seen what sort of hell my mom goes through with her. (And Zhyenka's one sweet-tempered kid, too).

Still got a cold, same one that both El and I picked up right after returning from Delaware. Also got two finished chains that need clasps.