Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making progress.

1.5in, sterling silver pendant.
Two lengths of roman chain, double weave, standard. Fine silver, 24 gauge.

Wouldn't mind turning the lengths into actual necklaces, with, perhaps, an optional floral pendant to each.

The leaflet pendant's going to be a birthday gift for an old family friend.. a much overdue one, might I add.

What's up in the mountain-country otherwise? Well.. Elrin the Fiance and I went walking yesterday, through a rather historic section of town. Lots of old houses, lots of inns. Maple trees the size of 'you wouldn't believe'. Boxwood bushes that could swallow garage sheds. And so forth. It was a rather nice walk, one that beats our usual couple miles up and down a local trail. (Not that the trail isn't gorgeous in its own right, but more about it in one of the following posts.)

Also, I'm sick right now. Some kind of a head-cold, as likely as not. Doesn't feel very pleasant, especially to the person who doesn't get sick often, period. Hopefully 'll finish the slimmer of the chains either today or tomorrow. Not like there's much else to do.