Monday, January 12, 2015

Compilation of recent works.

5x7 cat commission.
8x10 cat commission.

5x5 inch tomato study.
2 4x4 inch cherry studies.

And last but not least, a repost of a facebook post.

Yesterday, we went for a stroll around the Maymont park. And there, near Italian garden, we found a shrub. But it was no ordinary shrub! It was a shrub covered with waxy, fragrant blooms.
Now, you cannot blame me for thinking that Mother Nature had gone off the deep end again- flowering things that could be smelled 20 feet away do not belong in the month of January. But Mother Nature was not to blame here, for a change.
This plant is originally from China, and is called wintersweet (one of the Chimonanthus species). It is not as common in the gardening trade as it should be, due to the long time it takes to bloom (3-7 years) and due to its relative plainness in the summer. Still.The bugger actually blooms. Fragrantly. In the winter. And if I'm gushing, so be it. If you are from Richmond, you have absolutely no excuse to not visit Maymont and be amazed at this little winter miracle.