Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dust settles.

We moved. It was a heck of a Saturday. Movers were hired in Fairfax, and a bunch of people showed up to help unload us in Richmond. Thank powers that be for family and friends.

During the actual drive up, El drove the 17 foot U-Haul with Mushka-the-howling-menace-kitty, and I followed in the regular car with a pile of plants and the other two cats. Traffic on 95 was... well, just like traffic on 95 usually is.

First night in the new place was.. loud. We're located right on the outskirts of an area with a lot of night clubs, so there was a plethora of loud walking idiots, along with an occasional sighting (hearing?) of loud idiots in cars. It was interesting to say the least. Thankfully, night noise levels during the rest of the week seem to be quite reasonable.

First morning was lovely, though. Woke up to sounds of starlings and robins in the huge hackberry tree out back. There were dozens of birds, and they were all quite feisty.

Since then, we've been trying to get the building in livable order. Lots of hauling stuff up and down the stairs, putting up shelves, and what have you-s. Did manage to find the time to finish another hummingbird set (#3) commission yesterday; with the amount of construction needing to be done for the shop (as well as painting, both downstairs for decorative purposes and basement for water-proofing purposes), I don't think this is going to be a terribly productive fall.