Saturday, June 28, 2014


"I need to do more stuff with acrylic inks," I said.
"So do so," Josh said.
"And to paint more cats," I added.
"Noone's stopping you," Josh said.
"A hundred cats!" I exclaimed.
Josh raised an eyebrow.
"IN TEN DAYS!" I squeaked, waving my arms around and nearly overturning an iced coffee.

CHALLENGE: I'd like to paint 100 cat studies in 10 days, starting on July 7.

So, folks: Do you, or any of your family/friends/acquaintances have an excess of cat pictures? If so, and if they are not blurry, do send them my way. The same cat can be submitted multiple times, as long as he/she is in a different position/viewed from a different angle.

The results of the project (acrylic inks on 5.5x7.5 bits of watercolor paper) will be posted on facebook, pinterest, and heavens know where else.

I would appreciate if ya'all spread the word!

Edit: Photo count:DONE!

EditEdit: UNrelated.