Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A case of Tuesday blahs.

Current in-progress:
So a lady from an art center back in SW Virginia asks if I want to be in a show about women's suffrage. Sure, says I.  The result-in-progress- a piece about the1918 speech burnings in particular. The paper ribbons are going to have bits of President Wilson's 14 points from his European speeches. Message is roughly "What the mass of us weaves into fire turns into good things". Starlings, as we all know, is just another word for the disgruntled masses. That's about as political and historical as paintings on this blog are ever going to get. 

Finished the wolf. Am not happy with the wolf. Would redo him (her?) completely, if time allowed.
Still pecking away at the lion for the constellations group show in 2015. 
Still pecking away at the Art of Wrenliness. Up to 50 pages now.
Haven't made any progress regarding the solo show in 2015, except coming up with a theme- "Woodland gifts". Thankfully, 've got 2 paintings on that theme already (I found Blue, and Thief of Violets). So, just 10 more to paint. Weeeeee.