Monday, December 23, 2013


Another 8x10 in progress.
The reason why Mondays are sparse days, blog-wise: Mondays are Cleaning Days in War-Gib household, which basically means that I'm lucky to get 3 hours of painting in, during the afternoon.

It used to be that Mondays were also Art of Wrenliness days, or days on which the comic was worked on, but working on paid projects tends to trump the non-paid ones. Which is disappointing, since I've got 3 pages of Wrenliness just laying around and waiting to be colored, plus another 60 worth of plot planned out and scripted.

Life's going on, meanwhile. El and I went to the National Zoo yesterday, and were thoroughly wow'd by their Amazonian exhibit. Much of it consisted of a huge arboretum in which birds and monkeys roamed alongside pedestrians. We got to see a spoonbill from 3 steps away. So cool!