Sunday, October 27, 2013

The move.

Well.. car's totaled, but no cats or humans were hurt during the move. Overcompensated, went off the road on 81 early yesterday morning. Car plowed into the grassy median on its side, driver side down. Cannot express enough gratitude for the existence of the seat belt (saved my life twice now), friends (drove out of Abingdon at 5 am to pick up plants/let us crash at their house while stuff was sorted out), and family (drove out of Richmond with a spare car, drove the moving truch, helped us unpack in Fairfax).

  The three cats and I got out of the car with barely a scratch. (Josh was ahead of us, driving the U-haul). Another hundred feed in either direction, and it would've been car vs. trees rather than car vs. gentle grassy slope.

Why fate watches out for us fools, 'll never know...