Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reason behind the lack of picture updates this week.

We'll be moving to DC next month, and Elrin's out apartment hunting over there. Since we've only got one camera, he had to have it for the obvious reasons.

On the art front... Still painting cats and dogs. Bright side? 've got at least 11 more complete commissions to do, and 6 more to finish detailing. Dark side? 've got to do that before the first Wednesday in October. That's just over a painting a day, if you do not count weekends. (Bright side? My timing on the complete 8x10s right now is about 3 per every 2 days. Dark side? At least 4 of those left to do are 9x12s).

 Have a feeling that Dear Friend Caffeine will become a bosom buddy for the next couple of weeks.

The entire thing is doable, but scary.