Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Visitor

This afternoon, we had a visitor on the back porch. The visitor in question was a -wren-. It was also a -Carolina Wren-, which meant that it was among the most jolly, annoying, and downright spastic birds one could get on their back porch. Carolina wren's common call is a mundane, high-pitched "Squeak", while their alarm call is something like a cheese-grater, being put through a sink garbage disposal ("Screek-screek-screek-SCREEK!") One has to hear it to fully appreciate the sheer volume of it.

Apparently, these little guys are year-long residents in Virginia, but are somewhat cold-sensitive. Not surprising, considering that they're basically insectivores, who belong in the deep south... We're thinking of putting up a roosting pocket or two to encourage these little guys to hang around.