Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the land of the mountains, minus the goats.

Coming back to Virginia, I can't help but reflect on the amount of movement that's still involved in my life. To Indiana and back is something like 9 hours, and that's a trip 'm willingly making every other month or so. You can drive across a small European country in less than that.

Having reliable car helps.

Very little art was once again done while there, mostly due to the amount of work needing to be done on the property.

At this point, I would like to take off a month and see how much could be done on the Tales of Daon. Not the snippets of poems and background outlines, but the actual 'novel', which is on the top 3 of the current "things to do in life" listing.

(Other things include:
Finishing Mr. Jellyroll poem (Don't ask).
Hybridizing my own african violet/iris/rose/etc,.
Learning to work leather
Learning to lampwork
Learning to do taxidermy -properly- (I can skin a bird as well as anyone, but stuffing the pelt afterwards and making it look good is another piece of the puzzle)
Collecting a good reference library for things natural and artistic
Work in a florist or a nursery for the sake of having that experience (Something that would have to wait until 'm not at the farm at odd times of the year) )

Meanwhile, here's some farm pictures.

The main thing I did in the past week was clear the fence line.
Here's the freed-up barbed wire and posts.

The huge pile of cleared brush, mostly multiflora rose brambles, fallen branches, and blackberry canes.

The freed-up fenceline. Should've taken a "before" picture.

Firewood, gleaned from the trunk that dad and I spent an entire Saturday hacking up and hauling. The fallen tree's been in the pasture for something like 2 years; it was either an oak or a walnut.

The greenhouse shelves that 've put together last week.

The complimentary sunset.