Sunday, January 31, 2010

Take two onto the blogophere.

It strikes me that it might be a good idea to resume writing. Not because of some self-righteous "read the word of your master, ye disbelievers" impulse, but because, let's put it bluntly, not writing for a number of months results in ones' spelling, being shot to hell.

So here we go. Errant is hereto dedicating herself to posting 3 (three) blog updates a week until June, with pictures for two, and a subsequent blurb of text underneath each. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday- Plant/animal/bird update.
With about 50 houseplants, many of which need repotting, three bird feeders, two cats, and a single golden gecko, there's got to be something entertaining to post every week... right?

Thursday- Book update.
Being a stay-at-home fiance sort of leads one to reading an average of 2 books a week, either audio, or otherwise. Might as well review them.

Sunday- Art update.
Some art stuff is still getting done, believe it or not. Lately, it's been gouache on bristol board, rather than metalwork, a fact that may be slightly irkful from Elrin's perspective, what with us finally having a rather decent metals set-up, and all. But, let's face it: I'm not going outside in 20 degree weather to solder.

And that's that.

See you on Tuesday, folks!